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Fingerprint scan provides security access with biometrics identificationD & L LiveScan Background Screening offers cutting-edge fingerprinting and background checking technology and techniques. Through our services, we aim to provide our clients with fast, accurate results that they can count on.

We offer different service options that you can choose from depending on your specific objectives. Our services include:

FBI FD-258 Hard Copy Fingerprint Card

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Other Services Offered

D & L LiveScan Background Screening offers livescan fingerprinting services, Level 2, FDLE & FBI, State and Federal background checks, drug screening services, and notary. We utilize advanced biometric solutions for capturing, managing, and transferring level 2 data including photos. For level 2, D & L LiveScan captures fingers, full hand, and palm recognition, using a digital imaging technology livescan system that is FBI certified and FDLE approved.

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We are NOT a Third Party Vendor nor a subcontractor. Our screening system is directly linked to FDLE, therefore you get your level 2 results fast. For information on the FDLE approved livescan vendors in your area, please visit FDLE Online.