Fast and accurate fingerprint and background checks.

Business woman in a touchscreen isolated on whiteD & L LiveScan Background Screening is an approved LiveScan Vendor by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. D & L LiveScan offers livescan fingerprinting services, Level 2, FDLE & FBI, State and Federal background checks, and drug screening services.

At D & L LiveScan Background Screening, we utilize advanced biometric solutions for capturing, managing, and transferring level 2 data including photos. For level 2, D & L LiveScan captures fingers, full hand, and palm recognition, using a digital imaging technology livescan system that is FBI-certified and FDLE approved.

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We are NOT a Third Party Vendor nor a subcontractor. Our screening system is directly linked to FDLE, therefore you get your level 2 results fast. For information on the FDLE approved livescan vendors in your area, please visit FDLE Online.